We have noticed some good things happening with Ryan's vision the past few months since we've been to China for Stem Cell treatment. 

One of the first things that Ryan mentioned was being able to see a silver wall switch plate one Sunday at church a couple of months ago.  Marc and Ryan were in the church gym sitting under the basketball banker and Ryan said he could see the silver switch plate on the wall.
About two weeks later, on another Sunday, Marc and Ryan were driving to church.  A stoplight turned green and Ryan said, "I can see the green arrow light!"  Before this happened, Ryan could only tell that there was a green color, he couldn't see the arrow.

We've also noticed that Ryan is sitting further back from the TV.  Usually he is very close, but now he is able to see from farther away.  He mentioned last week that he could see more detail on the computer screen when he's sitting farther away too.

The missionaries came to visit us about three weeks ago.  We were sitting on one couch and the missionaries were sitting on another. When they left Ryan was excited.  He said, "I could see their mouths!"    Ryan usually cannot see the details of someone's face from that far away.

We are so happy about these wonderful improvements.  Again, THANK YOU to everyone that helped Ryan go to China to get stem cell treatments and made this possible!!!