Woohoo! We have reached the $24,000 needed to cover the Stem Cell Treatment cost!    Thank you to everyone!  We appreciate every single donation that has been given.  There are no words to express the gratitude in our hearts for your kindness.  We pray that you may be abundantly blessed for your generosity.  
Thank you,
Marcus, Audrey & Ryan Crozier

We only have until October 31 to raise all of the needed funds for Ryan. If you are considering donating, this is the last month. The $24,000 payment must be made on November 1st. Please donate by mail or by Paypal. Make checks to Ryan Crozier. Our address is 5105 Edinborough Place, Sugar Hill, GA 30518.  To donate with Paypal go here. Thank you so very much! *Our anonymous donor has agreed to continue to match all donations made in October up to $8000.

Here is another video of someone who has gone for stem cell therapy: Seth was born in 2008 and was soon diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) and optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH)
Yay!!!  Our anonymous donor has agreed to continue to match all donations made in October.

Please continue to share Ryan's website with your family and friends.  www.HelpRyanSee.com

Thank you for all of your amazing support! 

We started the month of September with $3,470.  We've had amazing donations this past month and so far have raised $9000 thanks to all of you!  With an anonymous donor matching all donations up to $8000, we still have the possibility of raising $16,000 this month!!!   

Please share Ryan's website and story with everyone you can on Facebook and email. Go to Ryan's website to donate.  For an email template click here

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In this video Lilli's mother discusses the condition causing her daughter's blindness, treatment options available to them in the US and their decision to try umbilical cord blood stem cells.
We now have the dates to go to China!  We applied for treatment and the first date available was December 1st.  So our official treatment dates are scheduled for December 1 through December 22.  Ryan's birthday is December 8th, so we will be celebrating his 13th birthday in China.  We are continuing to work towards $24,000 needed.  We've had so many amazing and wonderful people donate to help Ryan!  Thank YOU! To donate click here.
Tyler received transplants of umbilical cord blood stem cells in China. Here, several months after the therapy, he talks about the improvements he saw in his vision and his mother discusses her role as caregiver during the month abroad.  
Ryan with 5 kittens at Grandma's house.
Last week we submitted our registration information so we could be scheduled for a treatment date in the next few months.  The Registration schedule is listed below.  So far we have completed #1 and are waiting to hear back on #2.

  1. Register for treatment. After receiving an acceptance, patients are free to register for a treatment date. You should list the approximate date, location and number of injections you wish to apply for on the online Beike Registration Form.
  2. Receive a confirmation. After submission of the Beike Registration Form, your representative will book you into the appropriate hospital. A confirmation email will be sent to you with the location and exact admission and discharge date. This email will also contain payment and travel information.
  3. Send payment. A deposit of 20% is due two weeks after the confirmation. The full amount is due no later than 30 days before the admission date.

We are so excited that an anonymous donor has agreed to match every donation made in September!!!  They will match every donation up to a total of $8000!  

That means for every dollar you give to help Ryan, this generous donor will match and double the amount.  For example: If you give $100, they will match it and it becomes $200!  

We have the possibility of raising $16,000 this month with the matching donations!!!  Wow!  We are starting the month of September with $3,470.00 raised so far. 

Thank you!  Thank you!  Read more about Ryan here.