Ryan slept all through the night from his nap yesterday. The first day here the weather was very overcast and rainy.
His doctor saw him today--it's a lady.  Dr. Liu (Lou).  They want to do more vision evaluations tomorrow. 
They'd like to do an MRI but his braces are putting a stop to that, they'll probably do a CT or something else instead.
They've done a massage on his head today (while he was laying on his bed) and they played really soothing music.  I wanted to lay down and sleep too.
Each nurse has chosen an American name.  The nurse that gave him the massage is "Alice."  One of them is "Apple."  They are super nice (also young).
We have 10 rolls of toilet paper!  Yay!  So far so good. We just met another stem cell patient in the common room.  They are from Brazil.  The dad has a something spinal cord issue and they're going home tonight.  They've been here 30 days.  His son is with him.  They are originally from Lebanon.  He said he moved to Miami when he was 8.  He knows 4 languages and he was very encouraging and had some good advice.
He told us not to leave things in the community fridge, but just to use our room fridge.
Ryan had some massage therapy on his head earlier today from nurse Alice. She played soothing music the whole time (it made me want to lay down and take a nap). He really enjoyed it. He said he couldn't even think anything while they were doing it. :) His brain must be going all the time. Dec. 2, 2012

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