We got back from Ryan's stem cell treatments in Guangzhou on Dec 22, 2012. A family from Greece was also there getting treatments for their son with cerebral palsy.  The mom sent me an email about what has happened since we left the Guangzhou hospital. 

Here is her email: 
Dear Audrey and Ryan, 
We wish you a great and healthy 2013. We returned from China on the 3rd of January.
We want to tell you that Panagiotis couldn't do his last stem cell IV, because Friday midnight on the 28th of December, the Chinese government shut the place down.
Two persons came on our floor about midnight, they took all the posters about stem cell treatments from the walls,and with a hammer they took off the title "stem cell treatment ward" from the nurse station. In the next morning I asked a nurse what was going on and she told me "just redecoration".
Sunday afternoon Beike director Enrico came over from Hong Kong and told us that someone who did stem cell treatment in another hospital and from another company who sells stem cells got really ill, and so the government shut all the places. We could do our last IV in Shenzen but we decided not to go because we had to leave at the same day for Greece. We definitely want to come back in the future. 
Greetings from us to all of you and lots of kisses from Panagiotis. 

This was posted on the Facebook page ONH and SOD Stem Cell Treatments:

Our representative contacted us as well. We were told that the mayor of Guangzhou is no longer allowing stem cell treatment. After an investigation, a place there in Guangzhou was busted for false stem cells. It was in some beauty parlor from what I understood. They have a lot of problems with people trying to sell false stem cell treatments there so the mayor has done away with it all together because it has become so much of a headache. They are still offering it in two of their other locations; Shengzhen China or Bangkok Thailand. We were informed that Shengzhen is not accepting young children and that they are dedicated to non-English speakers.

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