I previously posted that my twelve year old son, Ryan, is legally blind from a condition he was born with called Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) (read about it here).  We have prayed for years for a miracle to help restore Ryan's vision or improve it.  Recently while doing a web search on ONH, I found out they have been successfully treating it in China with non-embryonic stem cell therapy.  We were so excited that this wonderful opportunity was brought to our attention.

I contacted Beike (BAY-kuh) Biotechnology for more information about treating Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) with umbilical cord stem cells.  They very quickly replied and sent me all sorts of video testimonials, treatment protocol information and a medical form to return if we wanted to pursue this option and see if Ryan could be treated. I filled out the medical form and sent some medical records to them.  I was so excited to see this email the very next day!
Dear Audrey, 
I am pleased to inform you that Ryan has been accepted for treatment by our medical department. The doctors have reviewed all of the medical information you have provided and have confirmed that we can accept Ryan for stem cell injections for his Bilateral Optic Nerve Hypoplasia based on this information. I have attached a letter about this acceptance from our International Medical Director, Dr. Kara Zhang. 

Primary Recommendation  (please note that all prices are in US dollars)  :
Number and Type of Injections: 6 umbilical cord blood stem cell (UCBSC) injections by IV and Lumbar Puncture. Retrobulbar injection is initially recommended.
Number of Days: 15 days (including admission and discharge dates)
Treatment Center(s): Guangzhou, China
Treatment Price: $18,500 USD

Secondary Recommendation: 7 or 8 injections
7 injections - $21,000 (18 days)
8 injections - $24,000 (21 days) 
Again, we are very pleased to inform you about this acceptance and hope it will bring either some sense of excitement and/or relief. Please let us know questions you have and when you are ready to register for treatment, please submit the online Treatment Registration form. 
We are RAISING FUNDS for Ryan so that he can have 8 injections of stem cells.   We appreciate any help you can give!  To Donate please go HERE

You can also help by sharing this link in your emails: http://www.gofundme.com/HelpRyan
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