A few days ago I did a google search for Optic Nerve Hypoplasia because my son, Ryan, has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) and is legally blind.  The doctors told us his condition was unchanging and there was nothing we could do to make it better.  We have tried to prepare him for his teenage years and the disappointment of discovering he couldn't see well enough to get a driver's license.  

I haven't done a Google search on ONH treatments/information for a few years,  Last week, I felt prompted to do quick Google search on ONH.  I was very surprised when Google pulled up a website called StemCellsChina and how they are using adult/umbilical stem cell treatment for all kinds of nerve problems including ONH.  I couldn't quit reading and watching the videos.  I was absolutely stunned that we could have an answer that could make it possible to improve Ryan's vision.

Below is a video about a girl named Macie Morse with the same diagnosis as Ryan (ONH) and her experience after receiving stem cell therapy.

Macie Morse received her first round of stem cells in 2008 to treat blindness caused by optic nerve hypoplasia. After this treatment her vision had improved to a level where she could get her driver's license. We caught up with Macie and her mother during a second round of adult stem cell treatments in 2010.Macie's story has been covered extensively by international news outlets. In 2008 a US television production crew attempted an intervention to prevent Macie from coming the first time. Macie's parents raised her without teaching her Braille or focusing much on her blindness. At 15, Macie did not know her visual abilities would keep her out of fighter-pilot school, F1 competition and all other normal driving activities. These interviews were shot while Macie and her family were staying at the hospital in Qingdao.

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