Audrey and Ryan made it safely to China yesterday and got to the hospital alright. When I talked to them, it was 2:30pm there and, boy, were they tired! They said the flight went a lot better than they would have thought and they slept most of the way. 

Ryan's treatments will begin tomorrow (which is Monday in China). Don't forget to join us in fasting and prayer for Ryan tomorrow if you would like to participate. We have all got our fingers crossed.

I asked Ryan if he had seen anything really cool and Chinese yet, and he said,
Well, a lot of Chinese people. That's about it.
Audrey said, "In our information packet they told us we'd only get a couple of rolls of toilet paper and then we'd have to buy the rest at the store, but they gave us 10 rolls. May seem funny, but it sure made me happy that I wouldn't have to worry about it."

It's 4:30 pm in China but it's past 1 am in the US for Ryan. He's crashed.

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