We were able to spend Thanksgiving with family in Utah for the first time in the ten years since we moved away.  We missed Syd and Lance, though.  They spent Thanksgiving with Lance's family at Disneyland.  We were able to see them last night.  While they were gone we took care of their dog Atlas.  Ryan had a good time taking him for a walk (or was it Atlas taking him for a walk?).  That dog is strong!  We now know firsthand why they use Huskies to pull sleds.

We leave tomorrow to go to China.  Our flight goes from Salt Lake City to LA.  Then we will fly from LA to Guangzhou.  Even though we leave November 29, we will land in China on December 1st.  There will be a van there waiting to take us to the hospital.  Ryan and I will be staying there in the same room the whole time--from Dec 1-22.  We have to provide our own food.  They have a common area in the hospital with a microwave and hotplate so we are taking a suitcase of things that can be easily prepared in a microwave or just eaten without worrying about cooking.

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